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Our advisors offer years of wealth management and related financial experience. Through one-on-one service, we counsel you, adapting for life’s changes.

One Clear Philosophy. One Clear Strategy. One Clear Difference.

Asset Management Services

Strategy: a well-thought-out plan to succeed, to act rather than react. It’s a better way of doing things. By focusing on your wealth strategy rather than day-to-day market fluctuations, Jackson Thornton Asset Management helps keep you above the fray.

We understand that while maintaining a set course is important, your needs and objectives may change over time. So for effective wealth management, we provide another constant: a continual process where we periodically meet with you, to keep your plan on course.

Financial Planning Financial Planning

We provide a platform designed to deliver capital market rates of return with both cost and tax efficiency. As CPA’s, we can provide insight into the tax complexities and manage your total portfolio by both investment selection and placement.

In addition to seeking broad global diversification according to the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory, we assist with appropriate asset location between taxable versus tax-advantaged accounts. We apply these techniques for individual investors, retirement plan sponsors and institutional client relationships alike.

Tax Analysis Tax Analysis

Our Core Investment Beliefs: Disciplined Investment. Proactive Management.

  • Risk and expected return are related.
  • Financial markets are efficient at processing information. Security prices reflect the knowledge and expectations of all investors.
  • No one can predict the future of financial markets.
  • Investment portfolio construction and management require planning, structure and discipline.
  • Investment diversification, achieved by a structured asset allocation, provides risk management.
  • Periodic portfolio balancing maintains asset class diversification and adds the discipline of buying low and selling high.
  • Controlling investment costs, income taxes and asset placement increases net investment return.
Investment Services Investment Services

We are independent, fee-only advisors, offering objective advice and acting in each client’s best interests. We understand that successful relationships are built on trust.

We respect and protect the privacy of you, your family and your business interests, providing a secure atmosphere to review your portfolio and manage your wealth.

Portfolio Analysis Portfolio Analysis

It takes a certain perspective to see the big picture. It’s our task to assist clients to see those possibilities that they may not recognize on their own – to envision and implement a clear retirement planning strategy to realize their goals.

As your trusted advisor, we know that managing your retirement plan isn’t simply about acquiring assets. It’s about you. That’s why our retirement planning services focus on you: discovering and achieving what matters to you; providing distinct solutions to address the financial complexities in your life, and keeping those solutions relevant for you over time.

Retirement Planning Retirement Planning

As with retirement planning for individual investors, it takes a certain perspective to see the big picture. There are lots of things to consider and we are devoted to helping plan sponsors establish and realize their goals for their retirement plan. With our more than two decades of experience, we know that most plan sponsors have many of the following objectives:

  • Minimize or eliminate some fiduciary liability
  • Maximize contributions for owners or other key employees
  • Positively affect participant’s retirement outcomes (employee education)
  • Enjoy transparent and fully disclosed fees
  • Reduce the administrative burden
  • Implement an evidence-based and easy to use investment offering
  • Partner with an advisor who is accessible to plan participants as well as the plan sponsor

Employer-sponsored retirement plans benefit you AND your employees. Our mission at Jackson Thornton Asset Management is to design the retirement plan solution that meets your goals and objectives while helping your employees save for their retirements.

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans