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Who We Serve

Can you find yourself in one or more of the descriptions below? Each day, we work with clients who are navigating challenges like these. We can help give you the confidence to meet your goals, knowing you have a solid plan for the future.

Who We Serve

You are contemplating retirement and what that means for you. Can you cut back on work or stop entirely and if so, when? We sit down with each client to understand their specific needs and circumstances to craft a plan for a successful retirement.


You’ve made the decision to retire, but could use a little confidence that you are going to be okay. We spend the time to learn about your resources and needs to create a successful plan and then monitor your progress as the years go by. We also help streamline the process of accessing your funds to take away some of the monthly headaches that that go along with maintaining your household.


Should you take the lump sum or an annuity option? We spend time learning about the needs and concerns of our clients to help them make the right decision with respect to their pension.

Retiring with a Pension

People who have inherited money have many concerns … and questions. We help navigate the decisions, responsibilities and uncertainties that come with new wealth and create plans and solutions that help ease your mind.

New Wealth

You’ve spent your entire life building your wealth and you want to make sure that you pass it along to your heirs efficiently. But how? We work with clients to help them identify their wishes and implement the appropriate strategies to maximize their legacies and ensure the protection of their wealth.

Estate Planning

Life has thrown you a curveball and suddenly your reality looks nothing like what you’ve planned. Maybe your former or deceased spouse was the financial decision maker and you find yourself in the driver’s seat for the first time. We work with our clients to sort through their challenges to find a new path forward.

Life Events

You know what you need to do, but you have other demands for your time, Family, work and outside interests can get in the way of following through on the best ideas. We work with successful business people to help them plan for the future so they don’t have to take their focus off of what is most important in their lives.

Busy Executives

You’ve spent years building a business and you know that now is the time to step back and consider what’s next. Can you retire? Who will take over for you? How do you get this process moving and across the goal line? We help clients navigate through the process of selling a business successfully and then transition them to the next phase of their lives.

Business Owners

Can’t find yourself in the examples above? Reach out and let us spend some time getting to know you and your circumstances. You may be surprised that we understand your concerns and are in a position to help.